Your transport solution for The Assembly District.

The Downing Street Group introduces The EtobiCo Transport Series as part of the evolution of work and community here in The Assembly District.


The EtobiCo Transport Series provides various solutions for EtobiCo tenants in order to reduce car consumption, provide green solutions, save time and create a stronger community in EtobiCo.


Our shuttle has daily pick up and drop off points taking your team from Islington TTC and Mimico Go Station at times that work for your team.


Our shuttle brings together our EtobiCo community, using WorkCo as a collection point hub it’s a great way for companies to make new connections while communting.


During the busy holiday season, the shuttle will run lunchtime trips to Sherway and is available for rentals so your team can travel around EtobiCo in style.


Our community bicycles available to borrow from WorkCo are a convenient solution for a quick lunchtime break or quick cycle to a local area meeting.


The Downing Street Group understand that our tenants of EtobiCo are looking to make their staff lives have a seamless transition between home and work. Our EtobiCo Transport series has been created to offer a green and convinient solution to all of the EtobiCo tenants

-Co-Mmuting- Rates

Company Pass

$300 / Month

Individual Pass

$50 / Month

Munster Ave Parking

$125 / Month
(Free shuttle Pickup/Drop Off)